Growman IG Extractor VS Mailerfind (2024) – Which one is better?


Nov 30, 2023

Are you in search of an effective method to gather email addresses from Instagram? Look no further. We’ve thrown Growman IG Extractor 🆚 Mailerfind into the ring to see which one comes out on top for you. From key features, pricing/trial versions, user reviews, ease of use, pros and cons, etc.

Two new but powerful tools (take advantage of them if you know them🤫They will give you a significant advantage over your competitors). We’ll break them down to help you make an informed decision.

Keep reading; you’re about to multiply your daily potential clients.

Growman IG Extractor VS Mailerfind

What is Growman IG Extractor?

Growman IG Extractor is a Chrome extension that allows users to collect specific information from Instagram profiles, such as usernames, followers, following, posts, and more.

Growman IG Extractor

What is Mailerfind?

Mailerfind is a platform that simplifies information gathering, including emails and other public data such as username, phone number, website, and location, from the followers of any Instagram profile. It also provides the ability to contact your prospects massively through its integrated Email Sender.


How to access them? 💻

The first thing to address is how to access these tools. Where and how can we use them?

Both are compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Growman presents itself as an extension, easy to install following simple instructions.

Growman IG Extractor Installation

On the other hand, Mailerfind offers both an extension and a web platform. The advantage of the web platform is that you don’t need to uninstall or reinstall every time there are updates. You can access the tool simply by logging into, and you can use the tool on your computer, mobile, or tablet.

Mailerfind Login

Growman IG Extractor vs Mailerfind: What data do they get for you?

Let’s talk about the data you get. Here they are very close. Both Mailerfind and Growman IG Extractor provide valuable information, such as Instagram username, email, phone, location, website, and bio.

But wait, there’s a uniqueness. Growman does not reveal the real name of the person. In other words, you’ll get the username (for example, @peter_palmer24), but you won’t access the real name (Peter).

This is where Mailerfind pulls out its ace: they have an add-on called Name AI (not available in the trial version). While you conduct your analysis, this AI-powered feature automatically fills in the real names of each user.

So, there’s no need to manually enter these details one by one in your Excel sheet or hire someone to do it.

Why is this so important?

If you have the real name of your prospects, when you write emails, you can incorporate the variable {{primer_nombre}}} and approach your potential customers with a much more personalized touch. Your emails will feel much more personal and close, making them more well-received. Robotic and impersonal emails don’t yield results.

Mailerfind Email Sender Variables

Format of download 📥

In the case of Growman IG Extractor, it saves your data in Xlsx format for easy access. In Mailerfind, it downloads them in a CSV file that you can open with Excel or Google Sheets for free.

Growman IG Extractor vs Mailerfind: Key features

Now, let’s take a look at the features. Which one provides more value? Well, that will depend on what you are looking for.

Search options 🔎

Regarding segmentation options, here we are tied. Both tools allow you to collect information through: followers of an Instagram account, likes on posts, comments on posts, hashtags, and location.

Mailerfind: Search options
Growman IG Extractor: Followers extraction

When it comes to likes and comments, you are targeting directly the most active users and likely to interact with you.

Location is a powerful tool, especially for physical businesses.

And hashtags, a gem for specific niches. For example, if you have a cooking business, with a simple Google search, you can find the 10 most popular hashtags in that niche.

They really allow for very advanced segmentation so you can reach your audience effectively👌🎯

Unbaneable Shield 🛡

This is what most of you ask. Can I collect data safely without risking my Instagram account? Let’s see what the tools themselves say on their websites:

Growman IG Extractor: account lockout risk

In this case, Mailerfind is the only Instagram data extraction tool that has the “Unbaneable Shield,” which allows you to collect data without risking your Instagram account. The entire process is done through its own system, without exposing your account at any time.

So you can rest easy about interruptions in your analysis because your account has been blocked again or having to buy secondary Instagram accounts.

Mailerfind: account blocking risk in Instagram

Email Sender 📩

Once you have collected the data of your prospects, you need to reach them; otherwise, they are not very useful.

Unlike Growman IG Extractor that does not offer this function, Mailerfind does have an integrated Email Sender so you can contact all these leads.

The Email Sender specializes in cold emails, which means it has its technologies to avoid spam and maximize delivery. It has a drip function, among other innovations, ensuring that your emails reach the inbox, not promotions.

Now, how do you get a person who doesn’t know you at all to open your email, read it, and trust you?

Mailerfind ensures that its users do not send the typical annoying spam that no one wants to read

And it achieves this mainly thanks to two key points:

1.Its specialized artificial intelligence in writing effective emails 🤖✍🏻, known as Email AI. It has been trained by Mailerfind experts so you can write effective emails without worrying about your writing skills.

Mailerfind: Artificial Intelligence Cold Email Drafting.

2. Cold email templates 📝 that have an acceptance rate of over 51%. These templates are designed for all types of businesses and cover various categories, such as sales, networking, recruiting, and more.

Growman IG Extractor vs Mailerfind: Prices

Trial plans 🆓

Both tools have a trial version. In both cases, it is not focused on getting results since the data sample it allows you to collect is too small, but it serves to understand the functioning of their platforms and experience firsthand the user experience.

The trial version of Growman IG Extractor has 500 sample credits. Mailerfind provides you with 2500 credits, but if you also complete their training where they explain their winning strategy, they give you another 500 credits for free.

Growman IG Extractor VS Mailerfind: Trial plans

Pricing plans

Growman IG Extractor offers users a more accessible and economical tool that really covers the basic needs of a scraper, for a price of only €10 per month.

Growman IG Extractor: Pricing plans

On the other hand, Mailerfind offers a more complete type of tool, for €97 per month, positioning it as a premium solution for those users who really want to operate smoothly and agilely with massive data.

It is about considering the value offered in relation to the features and capabilities of each tool and seeing what fits best with what you are looking for.

The tiered pricing model allows users to choose a plan that fits their goals, providing flexibility and scalability in the use of the tool.

Growman IG Extractor vs Mailerfind: Speed in data collection⚡

The difference in speed is very noticeable, being higher in Mailerfind. This is because Mailerfind carries out data collection through its system, while in the case of Growman, all requests are made directly through your Instagram account, which can be considerably slower.

You can check this difference yourself using the free trials offered by both tools.

Note📄: Mailerfind can increase speed if you request it from their support team. So, if speed is crucial for your work, you have options to optimize it.

Growman IG Extractor vs Mailerfind: Legal and ethical limits of data collection ⚖️👨🏼‍⚖️

It is important to note that both tools are designed to operate within the limits of legal and ethical data collection, ensuring that users can extract and use email addresses legitimately and allowed for legitimate promotional purposes.

Both obtain data from public sources, which is completely legal and safe.

Real caution should be taken when sending mass and cold emails. If you opt for Mailerfind, you have the advantage of its artificial intelligence, which drafts emails that rigorously comply with legal regulations.

Additionally, if questions or concerns arise regarding these issues, Mailerfind provides you with contact information for their legal team at no cost through their support.

Growman IG Extractor vs Mailerfind: Languages

A plus for Growman IG Extractor, offering its tool in 8 languages. Accessibility is key in the digital world, and this feature expands Growman’s reach globally.

Growman IG Extractor: languages

Mailerfind is only in English (a practical solution is to use Google’s automatic translator, which allows you to translate it into other languages automatically).

Mailerfind traduction

Growman IG Extractor vs Mailerfind: Educational material

Growman follows the “do it yourself” philosophy. It provides you with the means to achieve incredible things, but to really take advantage of the tool, you must inform yourself and research.

In this case, Mailerfind is committed to educating 📚 its users on how to monetize and make the most of the collected leads.

How do they achieve it? Through a variety of resources that include video training within the Mailerfind Academy that you will find once inside the software, a written guide for beginnersan informative blog,an exclusive newsletter for customers where they share strategies, case studies, expert tips, webinars, and ready-to-use templates.

Growman IG Extractor vs Mailerfind: Updates 🔄🔧

Both solutions are committed to continuously improving their software. This is essential to ensure a seamless data collection process, free of bugs and errors that can interrupt your workflow. This constant improvement makes task delegation easier and allows you to focus on what really matters without worrying about technical issues.

Growman IG Extractor vs Mailerfind: User reviews

Both tools have good ratings in Google reviews.

Growman IG Extractor: Reviews

Mailerfind has a case study page. You can check it to see examples of how to use the tool in different situations.

Mailerfind: Reviews

Conclusion. Growman IG Extractor or Mailerfind?

So there you have it, our review of Growman IG Extractor vs. Mailerfind. We hope you now have a better idea of which platform suits your needs better.

Growman🌱 is more suitable for small entrepreneurs looking for a very economical solution for occasional prospecting of an Instagram profile and willing to deal with some limitations mentioned, such as interruptions and slowness in analysis. If you choose this option, you will need to hire an external email sending service to reach your leads if that is your goal.

In contrast, if you are looking for a more robust Instagram data extraction platform with which to scale your business, with more sophisticated features, fluid and fast analysis, and an integrated Email Sender, then Mailerfind🚀 is the best choice. It is the superior option for businesses or freelancers willing to invest more budget in their customer acquisition strategies to automate this task, delegate completely, and save time.

Which of these tools seems like the best option for you? Whichever you choose, we would love to hear about your experience!

Do you have any questions? Write to us at [email protected]👈🏻

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