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Instagram Scraper
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Design the Ideal Audience for your business. Precise and segmented.

Example: If your business revolves around cooking, get contacts from followers of Instagram accounts focused on this topic (ex: @masterchef_es). Just think: which Instagram accounts would your future customers follow?

How to Scrape Instagram

Launch your campaign. Find customers. In an instant.

Get valuable data for your strategy without the need for technical skills, thanks to our Instagram Scraper.

1. Enter an Account

Enter an Instagram account: focused on your niche, influencers, all the way to your competitors! Show your wits.

2. Start Scan

Ready to take off? Click Scan to have Mailerfind analyze your followers and collect your public data (name, email, phone, website, location…) in no time.

3. Download your Contact List

Download the generated contact list in CSV format ready to be imported wherever you want. You’re just one step away from connecting with your potential customers!

4. Launch your campaign

Reach out to your leads through Mailerfind’s built-in Email Sender® or generate custom/lookalike audiences in Facebook Ads. Relax as Mailerfind works to achieve conversions for you.

See the Best Instagram Scraper in Action.

Still in doubt? The Instagram social scraper inside, how it works and various ways to generate income through this tool.

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Multiple Ways to Find Valuable Instagram Data

Select the option that best aligns with your strategy, ensuring security using the only Instagram Scraper that does not carry any risk of account banning. It collects data from Instagram accounts, likes, comments, hashtags, and locations.



Scrape users who follow an account


Scrap users who have liked a post


Scrap users who have commented on a post


Scrape users who have posted to a location


Scrap users who have posted with a hashtag


» This Instagram profile scraper, Mailerfind, has generated more customers in 4 months than we have achieved in 1 year using Facebook Ads. The traffic you get is very segmented and email marketing allows us to establish much more personal communication, which makes sales much easier. «

Cristina G.

Sales Manager | Canaled

This Instagram Scraper is a solution to…

Low Budget

Reduce the cost of your campaigns and avoid the high prices of paid advertising platforms.

Short time

Save the time and effort it takes to build an audience organically.


Avoid the competitiveness and strict policies of Facebook Ads, which is becoming less and less profitable.

Intrusive Marketing

Connect with your future customers on a much more personal and intimate level.

Unstable customers

Formula to attract and maintain a constant flow of traffic and potential customers.

Outdated leads

Finally, get lists of qualified, active, and verified prospects.

See how Mailerfind is helping you find new customers and work smarter

Below is a compilation of our Mailerfind reviews

Mailerfind Essentials

Our Instagram Scraper offers you more to help you grow your business. In this Practical Guide you’ll not only discover how to find the right leads, but also how to convert them into customers.

See the full Guide >


Define your target audience with precision by creating a buyer persona

You have already decided which product or service you want to launch into the market. What is the next step? The first step is to identify the profile of your ideal customer or «buyer persona».


Lead generation: build your custom contact list.

Once you’ve defined your target audience, it’s time to move on to the next step – building your list of qualified leads/future customers.


How to send mass emails without falling into spam

We will explain how to avoid sharing your message only with the infamous ‘Mr. Spam’ and how to warm up your email account to reach all your recipients without any issues.


Top Techniques to Increase Your Open Rate

Making sure your emails reach the inbox is only the first step. Find out how to grab your prospects’ attention and increase your open rates.


Learn how to write effective cold emails

At the end of the day, it’s not enough to just reach all your recipients, but it’s also important that the content of your emails is relevant and helps you sell more.


How to measure the success of your lead generation efforts

Measurement is essential to understanding what is working best, so you can adjust your approach to maximize your results and make informed decisions.

Emails are scraped ethically.

All potential customers on Mailerfind have shared their data publicly on Instagram. Our Instagram Scraper helps you get this information efficiently.


You can go one by one, manually, writing down their contact details, wasting a lot of time.


Mailerfind automates this process for you with one click to save you time and money.

Instagram Ethical Scraping

The fastest Instagram Scraper on the market: high-speed data extraction.

Our Instagram Scraper stands out for being the fastest on the market in 2023. Choose efficiency, choose quality: Mailerfind is the preferred choice for businesses that operate with a massive amount of data. With us, you have the ability to collect thousands of leads in a matter of seconds.

Scraping made easy: Introducing our no-code solution

Leave behind the complexities of starting from scratch, struggling with complicated code and configurations like those found in other scrapers. With our tool, technical expertise is not necessary. Welcome seamless lead generation with just a few clicks.

Instagram Username Scraper: Name AI discovers usernames efficiently.

Our Instagram scraper’s name, AI Name, automatically fills in real usernames (e.g., Peter Palmer), which sets us apart from scrapers that only extract usernames (e.g., @peter_palmer24). No more manual data entry or outsourcing. Use the {{first_name}} variable for personalized emails.

Turn your Instagram data into real customers with our Email Sender

Leads extracted with our Instagram Scraper are of little use if you don’t reach them. Build the bridge between your email lists and revenue


Save money on external email sending platforms


Send emails intuitively, without needing to be a tech wizard


Use your Gmail, Outlook, Sendgrid or any SMTP provider


Proprietary technologies to improve the delivery rate in the inbox and avoid falling into spam

Send massive emails in a few simple clicks

Instagram Email Sender
Is Instagram Scraping legal?

Is it legal to scrap Instagram?

GDPR compliant

Our Instagram Scraper adheres to ethical standards and avoids collecting sensitive details from users. It only extracts information shared publicly and voluntarily by users in their profiles.

Scraping Instagram followers and subsequently sending cold mass emails is completely legal. You can read our article on the legality of scraping on Instagram, where we also provide an explanation of what is the proper way to send emails on a large scale, fully complying with global legal frameworks, like a true professional.

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are

More than 5,000 businesses trust our Instagram Data Scraper. It’s useful for anyone who wants to sell more and needs a traffic source.


Affiliate Marketing


Digital Products

Technical support

Our support team is always available to give you answers, assistance, and guidance while you’re scraping Instagram data.

Guaranteed Protection

The only Instagram Scraper that guarantees zero risk of Instagram account suspension. Our system manages the entire process, offering peace of mind and first-class security in lead generation.

Transparent pricing

14-day money-back guarantee on all Mailerfind plans


Ideal for freelancers and individuals who want to publicize their project



10,000 credits


1 Email account


Send up to 400 emails per day


Create up to 3 emails

What’s included?
Automatic prospecting tool
Advanced Segmentation
Data Export
Anti-ban protection

Email Sender®


For professionals expanding their business into new markets

Most Popular


40,000 credits
4 Email Accounts
Send up to 1000 emails per day

Create up to 6 emails

Everything in Starter and plus:

AI Writing Assistant
Community Access


For companies that want to scale the sale of their services or products



⭐️ More Value


Unlimited Credits

Unlimited Email Accounts
Send Unlimited Daily Emails
Create Unlimited Emails

Everything in Enterprise plus:

Dedicated Success Manager
Personalized training

Managed Service

Delegate and trust our team: we generate customers for your business, month after month

Customize this plan to your needs:

Tailor-made campaign design and management
Follow-up private meetings. We maximise results
Delegate to our certified Full-time MF Pro experts

Frequently asked questions

What is a credit?

A credit is a unit of measurement within the MailerFind tool. Each time you perform an email search, a credit will be deducted from your account. Even if the email isn’t found, a credit will still be deducted for each search. It may be that a user does not have an email but does have a phone number. You’ll be able to purchase more credits once you have an active plan.

How many emails can I get, for example, from 10,000 credits?

It depends a lot on the niche in which your business operates and the way in which you extract the data (by followers, likes, comments, hashtags, location …). The average is 9 – 45%. That is, with 10,000 analytics, you can collect between 900 and 4,500 emails or more.

Is it legal to send mass or cold mailings?

Despite the myths that exist related to cold emails, the answer to both things is YES.

In this article we explain the correct way to send mass emails like a professional and the legal aspects to take into account to comply with legal regulations in your email marketing campaigns.

Will I know how to use MailerFind?

Yes. Sending cold email campaigns is legal in the United States, but it’s important to follow some guidelines in Europe. You do not need technical skills or previous experience. Once inside, you will find step-by-step written instructions and a video on how the software works and how to take advantage of all its features.

If you have questions, you can always contact the support team and our Help Center.

Does it have more features?

Yes. Sending cold email campaigns is legal in the United States, but it’s important to follow some guidelines in Europe. The instructional video shows each of them in detail.

For example, with MailerFind you can also contact only the most engaged users of the Instagram account you have chosen and who have a higher engagement rate.

In other words, it allows you to contact those users who are more active, who comment more, give more likes…

These people are much more likely to engage with your emails and buy from you.

Can I use MailerFind to create Custom Audiences on Facebook and save money on my ad campaign?

Yes! MailerFind allows you to extract user data and use it to enrich your database and create custom audiences on Facebook by using the lookalike audience tool. Thanks to this you can improve your Fb Ads audiences and reach the right segment of your target audience.

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

No problem! We offer a money-back guarantee so you can try MailerFind and make sure it meets your expectations. If you are not completely satisfied, you can request a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. No questions or tedious paperwork. But we greatly appreciate any kind of feedback.

Once I have made the purchase, how can I access the software and start using it?

You will receive an email with all the instructions.

In the event that you have any questions or problems, you can contact the support team and count on their help.

I like the idea, but... These people don't know me, how are they going to read and trust me?

It’s much simpler than it seems. In this article of our blog we answer this question and tell you more in depth how to write effective emails that really sell.

If I have little investment available, is this for me?

MailerFind is an affordable solution. This tool provides you with the same data for which you would normally have to pay very large amounts on advertising platforms and allows you to impact your ideal audience on a large scale in a very short time. You not only save money but also hours of marketing.

What do I do with these leads?

We know you want to generate sales, and we want to help you do that. That’s why you have at your disposal our Practical Guide in which Not only will you figure out how to find the right leads, but also how to convert them into customers.

Is MailerFind compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems?
Why does it get Instagram emails?

There are more than half a billion active users every day on Instagram and this social network is constantly growing.

Businesses spend more money on Instagram Ads than any other paid traffic source.

Will it work in my country?

Yes, it doesn’t matter what country you live in and the economic situation in which it finds itself, because one of the advantages of ecommerce and online marketing is that we can sell anywhere in the world.

How can I pay for MailerFind?

Payment is made through the Stripe gateway. All types of credit and debit cards are accepted.

What currency is the price in?

In dollars (USD) and euros (EUR), this will not be a problem for you to make the payment.

Build and monetize your mailing list.