ChatGPT: The best ally in prospecting clients

Gabriela Sánchez

Aug 16, 2023

I’m sure you’ve already taken a look at our article on prospecting strategies, so let’s skip the intro about what prospecting is. If you’re visiting our website for the first time and you’re interested in email marketing, then I suggest you dive into reading them all.

Let’s get to the point – the main goal of all prospecting tactics is quite simple: to help your business grow 📈

Figuring out exactly who your target audience is and creating a buyer persona is your first move.

But then what comes next in line to bring in clients for your business?

Generating prospects. These are potential accounts that fit the business’s desired profile but haven’t yet made a purchase.

To achieve growth, you need these leads to turn into actual customers💸

In this article we’ll talk about how to give your Prospecting game a major boost using Chatgpt and automation

Prospecting involves a bunch of people to reach out to, you’ve got some networking to do, and let’s be real, the day just doesn’t seem long enough.

So, what’s the remedy?

Unleashing the secret sauce for supercharging your prospecting is all about AUTOMATION😌

Picture this: reaching a wider audience in a jiffy, while putting in fewer resources.

Let ‘s dive in.

Chat gpt Email marketing

Automagical Prospecting: where automation meets killer benefits

Look over here 👇🏻

Technological advances have made prospecting much more effective and less intrusive.

You can achieve remarkable results by adhering to the automated prospecting tactics that you are about to learn:

  • Generates a multitude of prospects (potential clients) through automated means
  • Delivers messages to your specific target segment in record time!⏳
  • Saves money. There are prospecting automation tools that cost just a few euros per month. This way, you can cut down on your marketing expenses.

You won’t have to spend money on ads on any social platform anymore.

With the help of these tools and the growth hacks you’ll discover by continuing to read, prospecting will become super easy and highly efficient (dare I say, even a bit fun!).

It’s time to outsmart your competitors by diving into these tools before they do!

Prospecting on Instagram is thriving in 2023. Here you have the best plaform to get started with it

prospecting client chat gpt

It’s called Mailerfind 🚀

With this prospecting tool, you’re stepping into a gold mine of top-notch prospects just waiting to be uncovered.

Instead of relying on manual efforts and outdated approaches to find B2B leads – searching through websites, Instagram pages, making calls, initiating conversations on LinkedIn – Mailerfind simplifies your work.

This tool helps you find the right contact information and send mass emails in a matter of seconds (avoiding spam). With Mailerfind, you can craft your very own ideal audience to reach, all by yourself.

We generate real-time data. No more outdated information or unknown sources from internet databases.

Does prospecting on Instagram work?

The answer is a YES. We regularly launch Mailerfind campaigns for our various businesses. But you can check several testimonials and case studies on this page.

If you’re still unsure how to navigate this prospecting tool, Peter Palmer, the CEO of Mailerfind, personally guides you in this video.

You have a sample plan available for you to try, registrer here.

But no one wants to receive another intrusive, spammy, and repetitive message, right?

Unlocking the potential of Mailerfind and other prospecting tactics to seal the deal with clients involves mastering the art of crafting captivating emails.

🔥🔥 Ultra professional tip: save the sales pitch for your initial message. Instead, focus on building a connection with your prospect. Start by nurturing that relationship and then smoothly transition into how your services or products can step in to solve their problems.

But hey, you know us, we love automation. So, if we can send and segment prospects, you can imagine that our friend AI is also a key tool for writing highly persuasive emails📧

Meet one of our best pals: ChatGPT. Get ready to dive into the world of crafting epic email sequences with this powerhouse tool.

1. ChatGPT for Writing Welcome Emails

A golden rule for using ChatGPT is that the more specific we are, the better the results we get.

Although ChatGPT is a robot and might seem like a genie in a lamp, no one knows better than you what you need.

That’s why, to create a series of welcome emails, we suggest asking ChatGPT for a specific number of emails. Provide the company name and website so that it can include them in the email content.

✍🏻Tip: If you want an even better result, you can provide even more context. For instance, explaining the problem you solve, the pain points of the person you’re writing the email to, the purpose, the length, and the tone you want it to have (organic, natural, friendly, humorous, or rather commercial, aggressive, formal) can be highly beneficial.

Here’s a template for you:

Write a welcome series of [NUMBER] emails to an email list for use in a Mailerfind automation. It’s for a company called [BUSINESS NAME]. The company’s website is [WEBSITE NAME]. The email subjects are as follows: 1. [SUBJECT 1] 2. [SUBJECT 2] 3. [SUBJECT 3]

Here you have other examples:

And longer:

  • 2. Writing an Email Sequence

An email sequence is a series of messages sent on a schedule to guide subscribers through the sales funnel (link).

They’re super useful because each one addresses specific stages and interests, making them more effective.

Now, how to do it with ChatGPT? Let me show you:

Let’s say you want to promote a new product launched by your company. Use ChatGPT to generate a series of emails that gradually introduce the benefits and features of the product, offer testimonials from satisfied customers, and provide exclusive incentives.

You could ask for something like this: [DESCRIBE THE PRODUCT/SERVICE AND VALUE PROPOSITION]. The target audience for this company is [DESCRIBE THE BUYER PERSONA].

We recommend a sequence of 5 emails, starting with a welcome email and concluding with a persuasive sales email with a clear call to action (CTA).

Note: always provide all the details of how you want your emails, you can indicate the order of the emails with a clear and logical structure for your email sequence, defining the specific goals of each message and the flow you wish to establish.

It’s not a straitjacket either; you can use the results as a guide and adapt it to your audience and needs.

  • 3. 💭 Creative Subject Line Ideas

From crafting captivating subject lines to writing an entire email sequence, ChatGPT is your creative ally.

The email subject line is the recipient’s first contact with your message. A good subject grabs attention and increases the chances of them being interested in opening your email.

Using appealing subjects also enhances the open rate.

That’s why we stress so much on creating an engaging line.

ChatGPT is here to help once again. It only needs you to tell it:

Your target audience.

Your value proposition (product/service/benefits).

The purpose of the email (informative, transactional, sales, etc.).

Relevant keywords.

💡 To improve results, you can try different subject line variants using the A/B test function with ChatGPT.

  • 4. 🎯 A/B Testing

Generate multiple subject lines and find out what resonates with your audience. Optimize your email marketing campaigns with ChatGPT.


Write 5 subject lines for [COMPANY]’s newsletter about [TOPIC]. Nailing it every time!

Template for generating subject lines:

Write 5 subject lines for [COMPANY]’s newsletter using a maximum of 65 characters. The newsletter’s topic is [TOPIC].

  •  5. 🧩 Segmented Content

On the other hand, many times we can’t use the same email for everyone. Either due to each prospect’s stages or interests. In such cases, you’ll need ChatGPT to assist in drafting emails based on audience segmentation.

Communicate investments, products, and more to different audiences. How to do it? Here’s an example: Write an email to communicate [TOPIC] to the following audiences: – [AUDIENCE 1] – [AUDIENCE 2] – [AUDIENCE 3]

  • 6 🖋️ Blog Articles and Original Content – Fresh and Unique!

The fear of the blank page isn’t exclusive to writers; for marketers, consistently generating new, valuable, and engaging content is a significant challenge. The truth is, ideas don’t always flow easily because, well, we’re human.

But since machines don’t tire, we can ask for their help, though not overdoing it with their capabilities.

ChatGPT can write complete articles, of course, by giving it details of what you want and how you want it. Remember, the more precise, the better.

Specify the length, i.e., the number of words, topic, style, tone… All of this will also help generate original content, avoiding plagiarism, which Google penalizes in article ranking.

Although the generated content is coherent and comprehensive, if you don’t fully trust our AI friend, or if you want to create something yourself, you can use it to generate fresh and original ideas for your blog.


Give me [NUMBER] ideas for articles similar to [TOPIC].

Another useful prompt to generate ideas is the following structure:

[DESCRIBE THE PRODUCT / SERVICE AND VALUE PROPOSITION]. The target audience for this company is [DESCRIBE THE BUYER PERSONA]. Create [5] content ideas [CONTENT TYPE] for a blog post to be sent via email to our subscriber list. Use a [COMMUNICATION TONE] tone.

Provide information to ChatGPT about:

Your target audience.

Products or services you want to promote.

Type of tone or writing style you want to adopt.

The purpose of the content (informative, educational, brand news, product/service benefits).

  •   7🔗 Linkbuilding

Linkbuilding is super important for generating traffic to our website, and you can leverage emails to do it.

A tip: including our name and position makes the email more natural.


Write an email to [TARGET WEBSITE] asking them to include a link to [YOUR WEBSITE]. [PROVIDE SPECIFIC CONTEXT] Here is the link to the content [LINK]. My name is [NAME] and I am [POSITION].

  • 8 🎙️ Events

Speaking in public might seem easy, but sometimes it’s quite challenging, especially with a well-structured, valuable, and engaging speech. So, if I tell you that ChatGPT can do it marvelously, you’d be amazed.

I recommend writing a draft in which you set the word count, your target audience, and even the people you want to quote; it can save you a lot of time. You can even ask it to replicate the style you desire, taking public figures as references.

You can use this template:

Write a [NUMBER]-word TedX-style draft for [EVENT] on [TOPIC]. Quote [PERSON TO BE QUOTED]. The conference audience consists of [AUDIENCE].


If you’ve been on the sidelines, it’s time to dive into the world of sales prospecting tools. Tools like Mailerfind or ChatGPT are your ticket to a smoother and more efficient prospecting process.

You no longer have to spend hours tracking elusive target accounts and contact information. With these tactics by your side, you can create a prospect list in minutes, not days. Let AI do the heavy lifting and watch your prospecting game soar! 🚀

With ChatGPT, overcome writer’s block and discover a world of creative possibilities for your email marketing. Be specific, be original, be bold! 🎉

But we also have a luxury autoresponder: Mailerhub.

And the best part is, it’s open-source, making its costs much more affordable.

If you have a product that solves a problem and you have an audience with that problem, it’s a perfect match. Where to find that audience with the problem you solve? In Mailerfind 📍.

I recommend taking a look at the Mailerfind Guide to learn how to monetize leads and make the most of them 🚀📈

Mailerhub is an amazing extra. It has anti-spam technology that boosts email open rates, advanced features, customization capabilities, scheduling, and specialized support through email or live chat to guide you at all times.

From it, you can not only send mass emails but also segment your prospects, consult metrics, reports that help evaluate the performance of your strategies and decision-making, and obtain templates from their extensive library.

¿Quieres hacer crecer tu negocio y aprender a monetizar tu lista de correos?

Recibe nuestros consejos imprescindibles para escribir correos que vendan y ahorra tiempo y dinero con técnicas de email marketing que realmente dan resultados.

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What is Outbound Marketing?

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