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Effortlessly sell and build relationships in no time with our cold email tool – while spending much less. Build the bridge between your email lists and revenue
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Proprietary technologies to Prevent Spam and Maximize Delivery.

Thanks to our unique technology, we achieve a delivery rate of more than >99%, one of the highest in the industry. Our drip feature, among other innovations, ensures that your emails reach the inbox, not spam.

Emails with a Personal Touch.

Leave behind robotic, impersonal emails that don’t deliver results. With Mailerfind you don’t just get email addresses, but valuable information like names, websites, and locations. Use variables like {{first_name}} to personalize your emails and increase your response rate.

Cold Mail Templates with Proven Results.

We have made a wide selection of cold mail templates that were sent in campaigns using Mailerfind, with an acceptance rate of 51% and exceptional results.

Email AI – Create effective emails in the blink of an eye.

Tackling the blank page and writing an effective email is no longer an intimidating task, no matter your writing skills. With our artificial intelligence specialized in cold emails, increase your clicks, replies and sales easily, while saving time and effort

Save Time and Go Far: Send Bulk Emails in a Matter of Clicks

Reach your potential customers automatically with our specialized tool for sending cold emails, saving time and money

Tutorials Included

Send emails intuitively, without needing to be an expert. Includes detailed tutorials that will guide you step-by-step

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Pay Less

Send unlimited emails and store contacts without restrictions, saving money on external email marketing platforms

Choose Your Mail Service

Send your campaigns with total flexibility using your preferred email service, whether it’s Gmail, Outlook or your own SMTP server

Responsive Campaigns

Ensure your campaigns are engaging and effective on any device, including desktop, mobile, and tablet


MailerFind has generated more clients for us in 4 months than we have achieved in 1 year using Facebook Ads. The traffic you get is very segmented and email marketing allows us to establish much more personal communication, which makes sales much easier.

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Sales Manager | Canaled

GDPR compliant

Both the collection of data with Mailerfind and the subsequent sending of cold mass emails is completely legal. In this article we provide you with more information about how it works and explain the correct way to send emails on a large scale like a professional, complying with legal regulations.

Technical support

Our support team is always available to give you answers, assistance and guidance while you are using MailerFind.

Updates included

We constantly improve our software to offer you the best prospecting and automation tool for lead generation.

Frequently asked questions

What is a cold email tool?
A cold email software is a tool that allows you to send mass emails to a list of previously selected contacts, with the aim of generating new business or sales opportunities.
Is Email Sender free to use?
Yes, using Email Sender does not consume credits and is therefore free.
Is the email sender integrated into the Mailerfind software or is it another extension that I have to install?
The email sender is fully integrated into the Mailerfind software. You don’t need to install any additional extensions. Our platform provides you with a complete and simple solution to send emails efficiently and effectively, all within the same interface you already know and use.
Can I use Gmail for cold email?
Yes, you can use Gmail or another email service like Outlook or your own SMTP to send cold emails using our Email Sender.
How many cold emails can I send per day?
The number of cold emails that can be sent per day depends on the tool used and the policies of each email provider. In the case of Mailerfind, we recommend sending no more than 300 emails per day, to ensure that all your emails reach your recipients’ inbox. You can also create different email addresses or accounts, with the goal of increasing the total number of emails sent per day.
How Can Email Personalization Tools Improve My Cold Emails?
Email personalization tools, such as variables, allow you to include information relevant to each recipient, such as their name, website, or location, which increases relevance and the likelihood of a positive response.
Can I import external data into Mailerfind?
Yes, the platform allows importing data from CSV files, making it easy to add contact lists and other relevant information to your contact database in Mailerfind.

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