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Gabriela Sánchez

Aug 16, 2023

Email marketing might seem simpler than it actually is. Achieving green indicators all the time takes effort, time, and technology, which, while not replacing human capital, certainly helps a lot!

If you’re just entering this world, then you’re probably feeling overwhelmed searching for clients, effective strategies, tips… and you’re carrying the weight on your shoulders.

So, let me ask you something, 🚀 do you know the beneficts of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? Discover the best CRM for small business here

A CRM can lighten the load so you can focus on generating creative ideas.

Sure, you could use a spreadsheet as a temporary solution (because if your sales grow as you desire, you won’t keep up), but why remain tied to manual formats when a CRM can do it for you?

A CRM makes it easy for you to track calls, create analyses and reports, with a critical view of your company. These software solutions are booming, don’t fall behind. Take the leap and transform your business today with a CRM! 🌐💼

Keep reading, and you’ll be surprised! 😉

First, what is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

A CRM is software designed for marketing teams that allows you to track, organize, and analyze interactions with your users, leads, and customers with the aim of improving business relationships and maximizing satisfaction. 📊

The CRM is like a large repository where all customer and user information is stored. It consists of associations, records, and detailed reports to identify leads and create a timely tracking of marketing, sales, and customer service actions.

Of course, it leverages artificial intelligence to automate this process, which is undoubtedly very beneficial for boosting sales.

Imagine that a CRM can even create buyer persona profiles, track interactions by names, corporate emails, and phone numbers of current users and customers, trace phone calls, keep a record of emails sent to leads, and track the sources of these users on social media… All this without lifting a finger.

You save countless hours of thinking and work. It’s more than software; it’s an investment in the success and growth of your company.

What are the functions of a CRM?

1. Data Collection and Organization 🗂️

From registration forms to phone calls, the CRM collects and organizes all relevant information in a centralized database. Imagine having all the information you need in one place, tailored to your needs.

With a good CRM, you can capture and organize valuable customer data from their first visit to the final purchase.

2. Interaction Management 📞💬

Need to log and keep track of emails, calls, and online chats? The CRM makes it easy, allowing you to access previous records and have a complete view of your communications with the customer.

You can check real-time customer information to use when interacting with them and monitor the sales cycle. For example, you can know if a lead is close to making a purchase or if an incentive is needed to push it.

CRMs integrate with applications you already use, like social networks and calendars. Imagine having all your tools in one place. All CRMs support different integrations.

It’s efficiency taken to the maximum! 💼”

3. Task Automation 🤖

Goodbye to repetitive tasks! From prospect tracking to closing the sale, a CRM handles it all.

This can include prospect tracking, opportunity management, task and reminder assignments, sales forecasts, and performance analysis. Target specific customer groups with the support of background and purchase history. Discover new prospects by leveraging knowledge from current customers and seeking similar interests in other users.

Uncover new prospects and target specific groups with ease! 🎉

CRM automation frees you up to focus on what truly matters. The CRM is your perfect assistant.

4. Analysis and Reports 📈

Gain a clear view of key metrics like sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction. The CRM allows you to identify improvement and growth opportunities by identifying trends and behavioral patterns in your audience, keeping you updated and developing effective strategies.

They provide key metrics such as conversion rates, generated revenue, response times, and other relevant indicators.

5. Personalization and Segmentation 💬🎯

Looking for a personalized approach? With the CRM, you can send messages tailored to the individual needs of your customers, creating a stronger and more meaningful connection.

A CRM makes it possible for your teams to forget about repetitive tasks and focus on activities that truly matter. Moreover, with segmentation, each customer can be directed to the appropriate marketing, sales, or customer service representative based on their purchasing journey.

6. Collaboration and Communication 🤝

Unify your sales, marketing, and customer service teams with a CRM. Share information, assign tasks, and keep everyone on the same page.

7. Customer Service and Support 🤝

Forget the headaches of support tickets! A CRM streamlines the management of customer queries or issues, offering a positive experience. 🌟

There are different types of CRMs to suit your needs, whether for small businesses or large enterprises. From an operational CRM focused on automation to a collaborative CRM focused on integration, there’s something for every business. 🌐

Operational CRM is software that prioritizes automation in its functioning. It processes large amounts of information about contacts and other relevant data to make the management of customer and lead relationships more efficient. It needs to integrate with an email platform to automate repetitive processes within the sales cycle.

Analytical CRM specializes in data management, using it to generate reports and analyses that improve marketing campaigns, redirect sales strategies, and strengthen customer care. Integration with external applications is essential to gather necessary data and automate processes.

Collaborative CRM requires more integration with other platforms, as it depends on all channels generating content or contacting customers for improved interaction collection.

In industries like real estate and the financial sector, CRM is a vital tool! In an industry where 56% of real estate companies have lost leads due to poor management, a CRM is the antidote. 🏠💰

In the financial sector, a CRM provides punctual tracking and offers reliable solutions in record time. Imagine having a 100% view of your business information! 🏦

But what is the best CRM software that suits your needs?

Here, we present you the top CRM software:

  1. Mailerfind

You’ve probably heard of Mailerfind, but only as an email search tool 📧 through Instagram that helps you find the right contact information and send mass emails in a matter of seconds.

Ah, but what you didn’t know is that we’ve launched a comprehensive autoresponder called Mailerhub with anti-spam technology that boosts email open rates, advanced features, customization capabilities, scheduling of deliveries, and specialized support via email or live chat to guide you at all times.

Our software already boasts over 200,000 users, some with a conversion rate exceeding 30%.

With it, you can not only send mass emails but also segment your prospects, check metrics, reports that help evaluate the performance of your strategies and decision-making, and access templates from its extensive library.

All of this, made very simple, makes it a quite competitive option in the CRM sector.

You might be wondering: what sets this one apart from the rest? Well, ours is open-source, which significantly reduces costs, without additional charges.

Through this platform, you can greatly increase your sales, as you can constantly monitor your customers’ journey.

Through automation, you can know which leads dropped off midway through the funnel and pivot your strategy to recover abandoned carts or inform about new products, share valuable content, special promotions, reminders, surveys, reviews.

With an intuitive and didactic interface, you can manage your entire marketing campaign from the dashboard: consult your calendar, explore companies, segments, phases, reports, etc.

A super-comprehensive platform that keeps your leads and customers under control to ensure a successful sales cycle, and at the most affordable prices on the market.

From 6 euros to 349, you choose the plan that best fits your needs and budget.

If you’re interested in learning more, in this link, you’ll find all the details to give your company a boost, maximizing its sales.

  • 2. HubSpot 🎯

Its comprehensive approach covers everything from marketing to sales and customer service. It offers marketing automation tools, contact management, and data analysis.

HubSpot allows companies to attract leads through inbound marketing strategies. This involves creating relevant and valuable content, such as blogs, videos, and guides, disseminated through social networks, blogs, and email campaigns.

Once visitors engage with the content, HubSpot provides tools to capture email addresses, names, and job titles. This is achieved through online forms, calls to action (CTAs), and pop-ups that encourage visitors to provide their information in exchange for additional content.

The captured information is stored in HubSpot’s database, creating detailed profiles of contacts with demographic data, website behavior, past interactions, etc.

The platform also includes customer service tools, such as ticket management and live chat. HubSpot also provides key metrics in marketing, sales, and customer service.

  • 3. Microsoft Dynamics 365

It’s a platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing sales, marketing, customer service, and business operations. Its integration with the Microsoft ecosystem and its focus on customization make it an attractive solution for improving efficiency and collaboration across the organization.

In addition to basic tracking and follow-up functionalities, it includes operational management, such as scheduling fieldwork, inventory tracking, and asset management. This is especially useful for businesses that provide on-site services, such as maintenance and repairs.

One of the main advantages of Dynamics 365 is its seamless integration with other Microsoft tools, such as Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint. This allows users to access and share information efficiently, fostering collaboration and communication throughout the organization

  • 4. ActiveCampaign

Its focus on personalization and automation makes it a powerful tool for enhancing customer relationships.

The platform starts with contact management. You can import, add, and segment your contact lists based on criteria like interests, behavior, and location. ActiveCampaign also offers basic CRM features that allow you to track interactions, create notes, and set reminders.

The heart of ActiveCampaign is its ability to create marketing automation workflows. These workflows allow you to send personalized messages and content based on contacts’ actions and behavior.

ActiveCampaign offers advanced segmentation, enabling you to create specific contact groups based on multiple criteria.

Moreover, it allows you to score your leads based on their engagement and behavior. This helps identify the most qualified leads ready for conversion.

  • 5. Zoho CRM

It’s known for its focus on customization and flexibility. It offers various modules, from sales management to reporting analysis, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their specific needs. Additionally, Zoho CRM offers integrations with third-party applications and automation options.

How to Choose the Best CRM Software? 🧐

The choice may be between a cloud-based or on-premises CRM. Each option has its pros and cons:

  • Cloud-based CRM: More accessible and less reliant on your IT team, but might offer less control over data.
  • On-premises CRM: More control and customization, but involves more responsibilities and potential maintenance costs.

Conclusion 🎉

The right CRM software can transform your business, from lead management to customer support.

Choosing the right one will depend on your company’s specific needs and goals. What you can be certain of is that investing in a robust CRM solution will optimize your business’s customer relationship management and its position in the market with incredible results. 🌟

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