Top 10: Lead generation software

Gabriela Sánchez

Jul 24, 2023

Countless businesses remain stagnant, unable to scale and lacking automated sales systems.


They persist with manual methods that consume heaps of time – drowning in mountains of data, making cold calls, and laboring over social media content.

These business owners unknowingly commit a grave mistake – failing to explore new possibilities that will allow them to accomplish in a few clicks what they’ve struggled with for years.

Fear not, for this article is here to reveal the most mind-blowing AI lead generation tools 💻 that will effortlessly bring you potential clients on a daily basis.

I know you might look at computer programs with suspicion because, in the end, they’re machines, and you might think: they don’t know what I want.

But, I must tell you, they do know if you give them the right directions, and they make it much easier.

That’s why in this article, we’ll show you some lead generation software reviews perfect for startups and companies with tight marketing budgets.

We present to you 10 of the best lead generation software for 2023 that promise to accelerate your sales process like never before.

Hold on, your business journey will never be the same again 🚀

Best lead generation software

1. Mailerfind

This tool guarantees you successful email marketing campaigns. It collects emails and other public data (username, phone number, website, location, interests…) from the followers of any Instagram profile, automating lead generation with a single click.

This provides the opportunity to massively contact followers of pages that post content in your niche, influencers, or even the ones of your competitors🎯

They have a short video demo on their website that you can watch to see how it works step by step.

Lead generation software

Through this data extraction tool, you can get all the information you need from your leads.

From their emails to their names, geographical location, website, phone number, interests…

It’s not free; it’s a paid tool, but they do offer a sample version to test your first campaign with this tool and gain some new customers.

Let’s provide a practical example.

Let’s imagine that I have a web development and marketing agency, and I want clients to hire my services.

What will be my ideal audience?

Well, in short, people who have a business. So after a little search we found the profile of @lucenathor, a guy who shares marketing tips that businesses can use. So, among his followers, we are going to find companies that want to boost their marketing, just what we are looking for! 🎉

Mailerfind itself has a completely free integrated email sending platform through which you can send these massive emails. Cool, right? 📨

This email sender specializes in cold emails, with anti-spam technology and other features. You don’t have to worry about damaging your email reputation. They have an email deliverability rate of 97%. 

In case you’re unsure what to write in your messages to effectively sell without being intrusive, they provide a step-by-step Guide to take you from point A) I have no idea how to use Mailerfind, to point B) I’ve acquired a client and made a sale.

2. Leadfeeder Lite

No matter who visits your website, Leadfeeder tracks their activity, uncovers their identity, and finds out what they’re looking for.

Think of it as a watchman guarding your website 24/7, always ready to sound the alarm when a potential customer comes into view 🔍

All your captured prospects come with their company and contact information, so you don’t have to find them manually.

This allows you to reach out to companies that already seem interested in your brand and leverage your knowledge about their behavior.

The free version, Leadfeeder Lite, offers up to 100 leads and data from the last week, which already seem interested in your brand.

Qualified prospects can be automatically updated in the CRM, or you can even choose to receive an email.

What’s more, before prospects qualify, they go through a filtering process to remove bots and undesired ones from the list, saving you a lot of time⏱️

3. Reply

Automate many tasks with Reply, such as WhatsApp messages, emails, calls, and even SMS.

All this automation helps you overcome manual work and focus on what’s important, which is closing deals💸

There’s also a great feature that allows you to search for prospects on LinkedIn and quickly find their email addresses to contact them📧

After that, you can set up a schedule and timeline for when to contact them and follow up.

This software generates a list of daily tasks and calls that need your attention to help you make the most of your outreach efforts. Plus, you can conduct A/B tests, analyze your strategy, and keep improving by seeing what works and what doesn’t.

4. Keap

This software has the amazing ability to send WhatsApp messages, emails, make calls, and even send SMS automatically.

In addition, its lead search feature on LinkedIn is like a springboard that propels your lead generation process to a new level🚀

You can use it to schedule appointments, track leads, accept invoices, etc.

It’s like having your own personal assistant taking care of all the nitty-gritty details😉

You can create a tested and repeatable sales process that works, anyway, every time an action is taken.

It has 2 different types of automation. The first is “Easy Automations“, which work from repetitive tasks on autopilot, such as capturing new leads, assigning tasks, and sending emails to customers.

The second is “Advanced Automation“, which is meant for slightly complex tasks, like downloading a specific e-book, creating an email sequence to send to customers, making a personalized follow-up, etc.

You’ll definitely achieve a “set it and forget it” system👏🏻

5. TexAu

Just like Mailerfind, it allows you to access your competitors’ followers and interact with them, which facilitates their conversion into your own customers 👥

With over 120 automations and tons of integrations, TexAu can give your business growth a serious boost.

It can extract information from Facebook groups, interact with Instagram users using your hashtags and more.

6. Ohmylead

Sync your Facebook ad forms and unleash a rain of automatic welcomes and real-time notifications🌧️

Every lead is validated in real-time, leaving you only with the genuine ones, you can import and export leads to your CRM or email tool.

This helps you reduce your “ad spend” because you’re no longer wasting money on a low-performance audience.

Ohmylead supports many integrations, so you can always get the most out of your subscribed tools simply by syncing them.

7. ConvertBox

Customize every marketing move to offer high conversion on-site. This powerful tool takes data from your CRM, user activity on your website, and then creates offers and personalized messages that attract visitors irresistibly🧲

The best thing about ConvertBox is its drag-and-drop functionality. You can conduct A/B tests, monitor data in real-time, and see which strategies are working.

ConvertBox also makes your call to action button more effective with its deadline timers. Lastly, this works well with your existing marketing and technology stack, boosting overall performance.

8. Sleeknote

You can create several custom pop-ups targeted at specific types of people to maximize their actions on your website.

Whether it’s to attract new visitors with a unique discount code or to prompt existing customers to make their first purchase, Sleeknote has a template for you!

An accurate example would be attracting new visitors to subscribe to your email by offering them a unique discount code, or even better, offering your existing customers a promotion code to make their first purchase🎁

You can integrate this tool with any of your 3rd favorite party software, including MailChimp, Drip, and HubSpot. There’s also Zapier, which allows you to add over 1,000 apps to connect. 🔗

9. Drift

This sophisticated chatbot, far from scaring visitors away with tedious forms and automatic responses, offers them a personalized experience, making them feel as if they were chatting with a friend💬

This software can be integrated with many third-party tools to help you embed things without leaving the interface, which also keeps the visitor’s attention.

A feature worth discussing is the ability to view your team’s target accounts and prioritize them. This means that you can treat your most “attractive” potential customers better every time they come to your website to convert them into long-term paying customers🎖️

10. Thrive Leads

This WordPress plugin allows you to design subscription forms and customize offers for your visitors based on their behavior.

Thrive Leads has an A/B test function that allows you to experiment and discover the practice that best suits your needs 📋

From it, you can also get detailed reports and analysis to keep you on top of your marketing strategies.


Lead generation doesn’t have to be a complicated puzzle. With the right software, you will achieve more with less effort.

Whether you need a smart chat assistant, a quick way to capture or convert leads, a way to create attractive pop-ups, or a tool to optimize your email list, there’s a perfect solution for you.

Through this software review, we’ve explored the best lead generation software options, unlocking the potential for unstoppable growth🔐

So, make the leap into the world of AI-driven lead generation. Say goodbye to manual struggles and experience the transformation in your business.

💌 Download the Mailerfind Chrome Extension to automatically find emails of people interested in what you sell. It’s super easy to use. Check out the Sample Plan.

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What is Outbound Marketing?

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