How this Marketing Agency Achieved $5K with a single cold email, with 50% Open Rate, using Mailerfind


Sep 3, 2023

Discover How Citroflex is getting 50-60% email open rates on high-quality relevant leads using Mailerfind.

About Citroflex

Industry: Web Design and Development

Location: Andorra

Challenge: Finding and segmenting prospects

Solution: Massive personalized cold email campaign using Mailerfind

About the Company and Key product

Citroflex is a marketing agency that offers a range of services aimed at assisting businesses in enhancing their online presence💻

In this case, their objective with the “Mailerfind” campaign was to promote their Website Creation and Website Maintenance services.

It’s important to highlight that this service is classified as a high-ticket offering, with prices starting at €1000 or more. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully strategize the interaction with potential clients to effectively convey trust and establish authority.

The challenge

Laura, the founder, knew the struggles of using Facebook Ads all too well. While effective, the platform was too expensive and demanded intricate sales funnels to yield results.

Tired of the complications and wanting an easier way to gather leads without all the technical stuff, Laura discovered Mailerfind, “Their approach to email campaigns was refreshingly simple” she said. “I’d choose it over grappling with Facebook Ads any day. No more endless optimization, the need to conjure elaborate lead magnets and ad variations, or worrying about getting banned.”

Before fully committing, Laura explored other avenues like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator for client acquisition. However, there are so many automation tools like these, which makes LinkedIn overly saturated. It didn’t really work out. The response rates, however, were disappointingly low.

Objective and solution

The goal was to sell their web services, specifically targeting Spanish-speaking business owners. The challenge was finding the right people to reach out to.

They decided to focus on Instagram accounts whose followers matched this ideal client profile:

Laura quickly created an Excel list of Instagram accounts that seemed promising. She included accounts like @alejandronovas14, an influencer teaching basic marketing for businesses, and @liberfy, a consultancy for new businesses offering fiscal and legal advice.

To collect the followers’ contact information, they turned to Mailerfind

With the help of Mailerfind’s filters, they gathered contact details only from followers who had websites. This ensured that they were reaching out to actual businesses. Having their website links also allowed Citroflex to personalize the emails they would later send📩

Their campaign, centered around the Alejandro Novas IG profile, brought in a remarkable 4,362 segmented leads in a very short time – the campaign that ultimately secured them the $10,000 in profit.

The Email Sent to Over 4,362 Potential Clients

The most crucial step remained – crafting a compelling email.

They were determined not to send the typical annoying spam that everyone disregards, as that would undo all the progress they had made so far. 

Citroflex’s team was acutely aware that they needed to sidestep intrusiveness to avoid pushing potential clients away.

Their aim was to establish authentic connections and foster close interactions, and this is what ultimately propelled them to success✨

As you can see, it’s plain text, organic, and natural

Leveraging the recipient’s {first name} and {website}, they personalized the email to make it feel intimate and personal, rather than a mass message sent to thousands of others.

It notably lacks a flashy, aggressive, or pushy sales tone. The email radiates a casual and non-commercial vibe✌🏻

The goal is to foster trust. And how do they achieve that? Through ingenuity, authenticity, and VALUE. 

This is precisely why they direct recipients to a landing page hosting a tutorial that offers free value – tips for improving website speed. 

This approach helps them establish familiarity, convey credibility, and position themselves as experts👨🏼‍💻

It’s only at the end of the tutorial that they introduce Citroflex Agency and offer to provide them with a free website audit.

Why is this a great example?

Because I want you to see that the initial cold email is like a master key 🗝️ that opens the door to connections and business opportunities.

In reality, this first email is just the top of the sales funnel.

From the email, they guide them to the tutorial, and at the tutorial’s conclusion, they mention that if they’re interested, they can receive a brief website audit during a free call. During this call, they pinpoint areas for improvement and offer insights that could be enhanced and delegated by employing Citroflex’s services.

The Results

In this case study, the marketing agency achieved remarkable results through their email campaign. A remarkable 50% open rate, coupled with substantial click-through rates and responses, demonstrated the strong engagement of recipients.

Furthermore, the agency’s ability to secure multiple website closures and monthly maintenance service agreements within just 30 days led to a substantial $5,000 in revenue💸

These outstanding outcomes underscore the effectiveness of their approach and the significant impact Mailerfind had on their success:

This screenshot serves as an illustration of a customer acquired through this campaign.

Today, he is a loyal client who pays for our services month after month, and we have built a genuine long-term relationship.

I want to showcase this example to illustrate that cold emails don’t have to be intrusive. If you have a product that solves the recipient’s problem, they will appreciate:

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