How to Find Customers on Instagram: The Roadmap to Attract Followers Who End Up Buying From You

Gabriela Sánchez

Jul 18, 2023
Ganar clientes en Instagram

But, first,

What are leads on Instagram?

These are the users who have already shown interest in your niche or industry and who are most likely to interact with your brand and eventually become your customers. The beauty of Instagram is that it has over a billion active users every month!

So, to the point.

Methods to Get More Customers on Instagram

Collect contact details from users who are potential customers

Let’s say your business is a kitchen store.

Imagine if you could collect the contact details (name, email, phone, location, website, etc.) of the followers of Instagram accounts that publish content in your niche (gastronomy tips, influencer chefs, recipes…).

And send a message to all of them in a massive way.

Your followers are people who are passionate about cooking and are more likely to take an interest in your business and buy from you.

These contact details are put by the users themselves as public in their profile. Below you can see an example:

In addition… Imagine being able to collect the contacts of the followers of your competitor’s accounts. That is, to be able to contact your customers, presenting them with a better offer.

Obviously it would be too tedious to go through your followers one by one, collecting their contact details manually.

But for that we bring you today an artificial intelligence tool called Mailerfind💙

And it is precisely in charge of automating this process.

How do we do it? 🧐

Here’s a very short video demo of how this tool works:

📥This tool collects emails and other public data (username, phone number, website, location, interests…) of the followers of any Instagram profile, automating the generation of leads/leads with a single click.

Mailerfind has a free mass mailer integrated into the tool, with anti-spam technology to make sure you reach the inbox of all your recipients.

This means that Mailerfind also offers you the opportunity to massively contact with a few clicks the followers of pages that publish content in your niche, influencers or even your competitors😏

Also, they have a step-by-step guide to get you from point A) I have no idea how to use Mailerfind, to point –> B) I’ve had a customer come to me and I’ve sold💟.

When we go on Instagram, we don’t do it with the intention of buying anything.

We want to disconnect, entertain ourselves… but not to be sold.

That’s why it’s a mistake to use all your posts to promote your services. Thus, far from motivating the purchase; Most likely, they will unfollow you.

And that’s also why many times paid advertising is not so effective, because it’s very intrusive. Your ad appears among 30 others in less than 1 minute. And users pass them quickly because they want to continue seeing the posts of their friends, family, references…

That’s why, in this case, Mailerfind’s strategy takes a point, because once you get the data of potential customers, you contact them through email, a much more personal channel, in which the potential customer only has their attention focused on your message💌

The process of converting a follower into a customer goes something like this:

1. You collect their contact details with Mailerfind.

2. You prepare a message for them. You gain their trust by giving them value (a tutorial, an ebook, a guide, a podcast…) or you propose a call. We teach you how to write an effective message, which sells, in this article.

3. You send the message with Mailerfind’s email sender.

4. The potential customer reads your email and goes to your website, valuable content or call.

Let’s look at more methods to find customers on Instagram

Build a lead magnet

A lead magnet is a free resource that a brand offers to its potential customers in exchange for their email.

Surely more than once you have left your contact to see a free masterclass or download a guide and then, you receive information by email. Well, now be the one to use them.

It’s a way to get those people who follow you on Instagram to get to know you, know what you do and start trusting you, to see you as an authority since you’re giving them a lot of value.

The most common examples of lead magnets are:

Ebooks, tutorials, demos, live webinars, masterclasses, checklists, coupons (the latter are seen a lot in e-commerce)…

If this is the first time you’ve heard about lead magnets in your life, I recommend starting with an Ebook or Guide.

This Guide will be offered through the link in your Instagram bio.

Those who come to your profile and find it interesting, will be able to download it very easily and that’s where you’re going to get your gun: they’ll need to leave their data.

In this way, you can gradually increase your list of subscribers and later sell to them through email.

But it’s not enough to offer just anything.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think; what things would appeal to them, something they think is valuable 💯

Remember that it is not a “donation” either, 🤭 but an informational 😉 transaction

And what happens once you have left me your contact details?

Once they have left you your data, you will send them, through an email marketing tool, a sequence of sales💌 emails.

Use automated chat bots like Manychat

We’ve already told you, but, I’ll emphasize it: automation makes email marketing much easier.

It’s not a triviality. Numerous studies prove that it achieves higher conversions, and above all, saves us time and effort.

In social networks, it is essential to take care of and prioritize the attention you give to your customers🤩⬇️. In this sense, giving a quick, direct and concise response helps a lot to achieve good indicators, and above all trust.

An excellent ally for these platforms is ManyChat, a message automation bot and chatbots, which allows companies to create and send automated messages with quick responses to their customers and subscribers through these social networks.

How does it work? 😏

First, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account with the app, then you’ll choose whether you want to use the free or Pro version, which starts at $15 per month.

What can I do with Manychat?

– Welcome message

Through it, you can design the welcome message with which you will interact with the user for the first time. And since first impressions are key, make sure to create a friendly, engaging, and personalized text. You can include instructions, links to frequently asked questions, hours of operation, contact phone number, among others.

– Reply to messages through keywords

One of the main functionalities that ManyChat provides is the use of keywords to start a conversation.

This perk will make the bot identify what the user is looking for and based on the saved answers it will send a reply.

– Automatically reply to stories and comments on posts

If you were amazed by the dynamics of the messages, then I can tell you that in a similar way you can create a strategy so that comments, mentions in stories and likes 😱 are automatically answered.

– Build conversational flows

If you’ve used Telegram bots, none of this will sound weird to you. Like the former, Manychat provides the possibility of creating flows, that is , a set of actions that direct the course of a conversation. The important thing here is to have a goal for each of them.

To activate it, you will need a trigger, which would be the sending of a keyword that will generate an automated response with a text that answers your question.

In addition, a message will be sent with two options: Schedule a call with an advisor or Request a quote, both with a URL that will redirect the user to a landing page that will follow up on their case.

Personalize the user experience

By taking advantage of the personalization functionality, it is possible to improve the connection and communication between the brand and the end customer. In ManyChat it is possible to customize messages with the name, surname, gender, location or language of each user.

There are even more functionalities that can be taken advantage of with the use of ManyChat, if you are interested in having digital strategies focused on objectives, having a greater generation of leads or simply improving your service through digital means, at Interius we can help you achieve that and more. Contact us!

Yes, it is now possible to automate our actions on this wonderful social network thanks to ManyChat and today I’m going to show you how.

Take care of your bio

That short description at the top of your profile, which you leave unfilled or downplay when you’re setting up your account, turns out to be more relevant than you think.

Not only because it’s the first thing users look at, but because it’s your time to introduce yourself, inspire and gain even natural followers, you should take advantage of it!

Here are some tips for optimizing your bio:

📌If you are a freelancer, use a photo where your face is perceived. A photo works better than a logo, to see who is behind the machines. The human component is critical.

📌Put your specialization: “copywriting for funnels”, “web design for health”, “SEO for ecommerce”. This way, you’ll show up in searches more easily and offer clarity to those who come to your account.

📌Choose your profile category wisely (“restaurant”, “copywriting services”, “web design”).

📌 Add a description of how you can help your customers.

A fairly classic and functional structure is this:

I help [público objetivo] you get [beneficio] doing [servicio]. Or:

[Servicio] for what they want to [público objetivo] get [deseo].

Ex: Lead extraction for businesses and online stores that want to boost their sales through email marketing.

Use #hashtags

To determine which hashtags are popular within your audience, you can use a hashtag analysis and selection tool.

You don’t want to use more than 10 hashtags per post. Place them in a separate paragraph below the description next to mentions of other profiles.

Take advantage of reels

Short videos on IG are not just a fad, they are real gems in the algorithm of this social💎 network

Instagram privileges profiles with reels in the browser because it’s their primary content posting format.

IG will give you more exposure and you reach new people.

You can take advantage of the reels you produce for IG and use them on Tik Tok or vice versa.

Convert these leads into actual customers

While lead generation is an essential step, it’s not the end!

The idea is to convert those leads into actual customers. So we kept “playing”.

The good news is that from now on everything will be much easier.

You already have the contact details, which means you’ve won more than 70% of the process.

Use the information you get and start following up with drip email campaigns or sales calls.

You can use Ads Manager to remarket to pre-qualified leads on Instagram and Facebook or optimize conversion campaigns, and even build a retargeting audience based on the people who engaged with your lead generation campaign.

Conclusion on getting customers on Instagram

These are the methods I have used and they have worked for me.

Getting customers on Instagram through methods such as providing valuable content, interacting with your followers, etc. requires effort and a lot of patience, but it is effective.

If you want a faster, more affordable and automated way, take action and put the strategy into practice with Mailerfind💙

You’ll see how you don’t need to spend your life posting daily or investing in advertising.

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