How to make money online by selling leads?

Gabriela Sánchez

Jul 18, 2023
Venta de leads

What is a lead?

A lead is a potential customer, someone who shows interest in your service or product.

They are records with data from those people who have said: I want to! to your business’s offerings, usually through a request for additional information.

But, nothing is black and white. There are different types of leads: qualified and unqualified. We, like you, should be interested in only the qualified! Well, they are your real potential🧐 customers

Having quality leads is the most important objective in most marketing campaigns.

Now, is it worth buying databases?

We do not recommend that you rely on the buying and selling of databases that are so attractive on the Internet.

If you do, you should know what you’re up against:

  • Very bad open rates
  • Very scorched data because they have sold the same database to many people
  • Loosely segmented data
  • Of unknown origin

Cheap is expensive, as the saying goes.

That’s why we encourage you to be the one to build your database based on filters or interests that represent your buyer persona.

Now I’ll tell you how.

What about buying B2C leads?

B2C (Business to Consumer) leads are aimed at the end consumer (individuals). These leads can be useful for businesses that sell products or services to consumers. However, the effectiveness of purchased B2C leads is also subject to the quality indicator.

So, how do I get these leads?

Instead of relying on manual efforts and old-fashioned approaches by searching websites, Instagram pages, making calls, opening conversations on Linkedin…

📍The Mailerfind Chrome extension allows you to build your list of quality leads to custom, being able to segment by location, interests, level of engagement…

Use advances in artificial intelligence.

And do you know the beauty of artificial intelligence?

That people have woken up from the dream of having to pay exorbitant costs in paid advertising or having to spend hours manually publicizing their business.

Nowadays, with AI tools like Mailerfind, you can find potential leads on autopilot.

But, as they say, “to believe you have to see” and that’s why Mailerfind offers aSample P for you to try.

I’ll tell you more

In essence, Mailerfind networks through emails.

Companies today are very open to receiving emails from other companies and networking online because they know that many opportunities and very valuable connections can be generated.

Businesses love to network and leverage these interactions.

Our email lookup tool helps you find the right contact information and send mass emails in seconds.

It’s like getting your business in front of thousands of people in no time.

I especially recommend you take a look at the Mailerfind Guide to know how to monetize leads and get the most out of them.

How can you take advantage of Mailerfind to make money from the sale of leads?

You can offer lead generation services as an agency

For example, maybe I have a client who owns a mountain sports supply store in Mexico. Well, I can prepare a service proposal for you that is: hey, you know that I can get you the clients of your competition.

You ask them to name you one of their competitors.

For example, if they call you Decathlon. You’re going to go find his Instagram > account @decathlonmexico.

You can write to Mailerfind ([email protected]) to get a Whitelabel, which means to let you use their software without their logo. And then you can make a live sample to your potential customer so that they can be amazed by seeing how you collect the contact details of their competitors’ followers automatically.

This is a very powerful value proposition that you can make to potential customers.

Many agencies make a lot of money from lead💸 generation

You’re offering them VERY segmented data. Many businesses would pay for this.

You can offer lead generation services on freelance portals such as

You can create an account and list your service, for example, in the category of > Audience Development, Lead generation or Email marketing.

Sell leads to companies that are dedicated to selling leads or sending mass cold email campaigns

Another interesting strategy is:

The Lead Capturer


An example of this would be this website, it has a lot of daily traffic, it is positioned at the SEO level.

What’s the matter?

When a person who is setting up their online store, searches Google for a tool to generate their policies automatically, they get this lead capturer.

Certain businesses may be very interested in buying these leads that use this tool, since they know that they are people interested in online business, that they are setting up their online store and are about to launch it. It is a very segmented and qualified audience.

It’s a very clear example of a website that may be making a lot of money by selling leads.

Every customer you sell leads to can be different. You’ll say, I pay you so much for a contact, or I only pay you for contacts that are a sale, or I pay you so much for contacts and so much for a sale.


Qualified is the watchword here. Don’t pay for databases 🚫 The key is not the quantity of leads, but the quality.

Spend a little time and effort devising sales strategies to get them to the bottom of the funnel. Produce engaging content for each segment of your qualified leads.

Mailerfind paves the way for you, building your bespoke quality lead list in a fully automated way.

You can see how it works in the video demo they have on their website.

I hope you found this article useful and that we can see you soon!

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