How to Write the Best Subject Lines for Cold Emails

Gabriela Sánchez

Sep 27, 2023

An old saying goes that “you eat with your eyes,” and it’s absolutely true! Have you ever thought about it? Let’s conduct an experiment:

Imagine you have a plate of paella in front of you, beautifully portioned, with a tantalizing appearance—soft grains of rice, a medley of seafood and succulent meats… It surely makes your mouth water. Well, readers feel the same way when they come across the headline of a web article.

In the world of email marketing, persuasive subject lines are essential. The possibility of your email being opened or completely ignored hinges on your creativity. 😱

That’s why in this article, we provide you with email subject line best practices and email subject line examples to helping you capture the attention of your leads. Don’t let your text go unnoticed. Make an impact from the very first word. 💪

Tips for Creating good subject lines for emails:

Creating best email subject lines for sales is crucial for getting recipients to open your emails. Here, you’ll find tips for crafting compelling and attractive subject lines, from keeping them concise to personalizing them and conducting A/B tests. 🚀

  1. First, personalization. Dedicate time and effort to carefully consider and tailor subject lines to your target audience. Never forget your buyer persona; it holds all the keys to an effective strategy.

Use the recipient’s name or mention something specific to their industry or interests. Focus on the value of relevant titles, an enticing headline that directly addresses the recipient’s pain points or interests. By showing that the email isn’t just another communication, but a deliberate and personalized one, your chances of grabbing the recipient’s attention and encouraging interaction increase exponentially. 🤝

2.  Keep it concise and brief: Long subject lines can overwhelm and may get cut off in email previews. Aim for subject lines of around 50 characters or less, so they can be quickly understood and read at a glance. 📏

    3. Use attention-grabbing words: To stand out in a crowded inbox, incorporate words that pique curiosity or create a sense of urgency. Words like “exclusive,” “limited time,” or “important update” can entice recipients to open your email. 💥

   4.  Personalize whenever possible: Adding a personal touch to your subject lines can make them more relatable and increase the likelihood of them being opened. 🙌

   5. Using emotional triggers or phrases that spark curiosity can also create a sense of urgency or intrigue, motivating your recipients to open your email and engage with your product or service. 😯

Ultimately, the goal of creating personalized and captivating subject lines is to make your recipients feel valued and understood. 🎯

  6.  Test and improve: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different subject lines and analyze the results. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which titles will yield the best results. This is where A/B testing can be beneficial. A/B tests allow you to compare the performance of two or more titles, helping you identify which one produces the best results and increases your open rate. 📈

It’s crucial to create two or more variations of titles and randomly assign your target audience to various groups. By sending different subject lines to each group, you can track and measure open rates and responses.

One of the main advantages of A/B testing for subject lines is its ability to uncover useful information about your target audience.

By examining the data from your experiments, you can gain a deeper understanding of what captures their attention and motivates them to open your emails.

A/B tests are a clear demonstration that nothing can be taken for granted; what works today may not work tomorrow for other users. That’s why it’s essential to stay updated. 📊

Here are some examples of subject lines for cold emails:

    “Looking for [Problem] Solutions? We Have the Answer”

    “Discover How [Your Product/Service] Can Benefit [Company Name]”

    “Meet [Your Name] from [Your Company] and How We Can Assist You”

    “Exciting News from [Your Company]! [Key Benefit]”

    “Let’s Talk About [Recipient’s Problem] – [Your Solution]”

    “An Exclusive Offer for [Name] from [Your Company]”

    “Ready to Transform Your [Industry] with [Your Product/Service]?”

    NOTE: Always try to include the recipient’s name. You can consider using personalization tokens or dynamic content in your subject lines. This allows you to insert personalized information, such as the recipient’s name or company, into the subject line, demonstrating that your email was specifically created for them.

Extremely important: segmenting your email list based on demographic data, interests, or previous interactions will help you create even more focused and captivating subject lines. If you’re unsure how to do this, I suggest using automated software like Mailerfind, which can streamline your work.

Basically, it collects public contact data (name, email, phone, website, location, interests, etc.) from the followers of any Instagram account (in your business niche, a competitor, etc.) and allows you to contact them, all automatically.

Likewise, if you tend to be verbose and prefer to leave your campaign in the hands of experts, then Mailerhub is for you.

This anti-spam technology software takes care of designing the entire strategy, boosting email open rates, advanced features, customization capabilities, scheduling sends, and specialized support via email or live chat to guide you every step of the way.

With an intuitive and educational interface, you can manage your entire marketing campaign from the dashboard: check your calendar, explore companies, segments, phases, reports, and more.


Choosing the best subject lines for your emails is an ongoing effort. It requires persistent experimentation and constant analysis to stay on top. As you accumulate more data, you can better channel your creativity and reap greater rewards. Partner with automation and use your time to explore creativity. Don’t wait any longer; start experimenting and observe the positive impact on

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